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Luxury tour operators

UcarIndia is a tour operator specialized in organizing customized trips, conceived as a sewn dress tailored to meet all your needs. We pride ourselves to draw experiences of Exclusive Travel, for those who are always looking for unique emotions, comfort and high quality service.

Exclusive and attention to detail Travel

Through our professional advice and our twenty years of experience in Luxury Travel are the essential point of reference for those who wish to enjoy a dream vacation in the most pristine corners of the planet.

One of the luxury travel excellence signed UcarIndia is linked to the journey of life: the World Tour. And ‘the dream of the most experienced traveler, who wants to touch the four corners of the world and see the most beautiful parts of the world in one trip.

We are a known name when it comes to offering luxury tours for Celebrity, Politicians, Hollywood and Bollywood film stars, Bureaucrats, Corporate and Diplomats.

These needs UcarIndia responds with a wide range of itineraries and destinations, carefully selected to give you a unique and unforgettable holiday.

UcarIndia Tour Operator: The Journey Designed For You

As true experts of the segment “Tailor Made”, we are very careful to treat every detail of your trip with refined sophistication. UcarIndia thinks and acts like a fashion elite brand, where we work with passion to give you unforgettable emotions. We are also a strong presence on the web and on social channels, in order to provide a fast and accurate communication.

Make an appointment at our offices or simply online and receive our meticulous and rapid assistance aimed at building an accurate proposal online trip with your desires. Of course, if you cruise under these types of packages, the ship will be the best, with luxury of Details, pool, room service, art inside, and everything any traveler would know what traveling is With taste you may need. And where can our Premium travel packages take you? In fact, to any part of the world, provided you make your request. We will get to work to offer you the best tour and the best package Tourist to visit those places that you have interest in knowing.

Of course, we provide tourist guides fully translated into the traveler’s language, travel insurance, and Best excursions. All this so that you only have to worry about enjoying your trip.

So, if you are thinking of taking a trip, but you do not want something simple, but you want to squeeze the maximum Possibilities of the new country, we recommend that you hire one of our Premium vacation packages. Remember that our exclusive tours have everything you need to make your stay, simply, and unforgettable.