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Money Transfer all over India

The money transfer services meet important needs of today’s global economy. They are convenient and economical alternative to traditional banks and credit cards, allowing anyone to send and receive money around the world, without the need for a bank account.

Because transferring money online with Small World:

Simple: transfer money online with Small World is easy. To carry out a transaction you just make three simple steps: 1.Regístration, 2. Select the beneficiary and 3 Pay online.

Fast:  The online money transfer with Small World is a fast and efficient process; Take a few minutes to create your transaction and your money will be available for the beneficiary in 24/48 hours.

Security:  Small World is the leading company in the industry with more than 35 million transactions and 20 years of experience. Small World is fully conscious and rigorous follower of the current legislation of sending money.

Best Rate: Small World offers the most competitive exchange market rate for your shipments online, check it with our calculator: the best way to ensure the best rates.

Technology for Users: We are a leader in sending money online thanks to the technology that we provide our customers. You will only need an internet connection to make or check the status of a transaction from any computer or mobile device.

Customer Service: For any questions or need our professionals are always available to help via phone, email or through our online chat.

What do I need to do my first sending money?

First of all, it must register as a client. Usually it must provide an identity document valid in their country of residence. In some cases we will ask you to fill out the specific documents in accordance with regulations. Remember that registration is completely free.

What are the identity documents considered valid?

It is generally deemed to be valid identification documents recognized in the country of residence, such as passport, identity card or residence permit. Nonetheless, and in the fulfillment of current legislation on money laundering, the Small World as the payer entity may solicit the additional documentation.

How do I know the amount of commission?

You can simulate a transaction through our calculator online or by calling our customer service. If you are a new customer we have available promotions for her! The updated applicable fees are also on our website and exhibited at the premises of our agents.

 How long does it take before the funds are available to the recipient?

In general, the money will be available in less than 24 hours, although it may vary depending on the recipient and the selected payment method. Please contact us to inquire about the options related to its destination.