Many websites offer to save on airfare traveling at unlikely times, out of season and not strictly on the weekend.

Our goal instead is to reveal to you how to save money, but without giving up a trip and a quality vacation.

Book a cheap flight can hide many dangers: the cost of meals, a luggage from overweight, also it is very difficult to navigate between the amounts of portals, online or mobile app directory to find cheaper offer, so we thought to create this handy guide.

Cheap flights and scheduled flights

Research on low cost suggest that we can also buy the Domestic/International Air ticket booking 10 days before departure. It must be said that these companies follow short distance routes. For scheduled flights, after 14 days of departure, the price rises of 15-20%. The logic behind this price increase is that places are limited and those looking for a plane ticket at this time is willing to pay any price. For those on a budget, decide at the last is certainly not the ideal solution: being undecided is not good for your wallet!

What day of the week is to buy your ticket?

The best days in which to buy the Domestic/International Air ticket booking are: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; it is better NOT to buy the morning. This is because typically tickets for business trips are booked by companies in the morning and then to exploit the high spending target, the companies maintain a high price; also the peak load on discounted flights systems takes place in the middle days of the week when companies have a way to monitor the allocation of tickets.

Book Tuesday

The ideal day to book a plane flight is Tuesday afternoon. Not during the weekend, so, when in fact you have more time. This is because according to experts on Tuesday follows Monday and is the time when airlines expose the new rates with a race to the bottom to sell as many tickets.

Domestic/International Air ticket booking on weekdays

During the weekend the prices go up by a good 7% compared to the rest of the week and being able to do, it is always better to devote himself to research flight booked on Thursday that since the day before the weekend, may allow you to save some euro.

Avoid buying the morning

Many people take advantage of this juncture to organize business trips expensive and airlines know that professionals are willing to pay for trips of more than leisure travelers. Ideally, then do the research in the afternoon, going to compare all the prices available to find the cheapest one.


Subscribe to newsletters

Strategy established now for many airlines, newsletters are sent mostly at night because of lower network traffic. The advice is to keep a constant eye on your inbox. This way you can be among the first (and therefore among the fastest) to get your hands on the best tickets and come to the knowledge of the offers. Sometimes this type of emails end up in spam and it is unfortunate because they are real treasures: excellent combinations flight + hotel and last minute bargains in the event that the airline did not sell all the seats. This is a winning weapon for savings on airfare.