There is nothing like the pleasure of traveling. But what is not so fun is the price you have to pay to get from point A to point B. Since the price of a plane ticket can cost more than 50% of the budget planned for your trip (or more!), it is not surprising that every traveler tries to find the answer to a very important question:

How can I get the cheapest ticket possible?

The answer to this question is not as easy as it may seem. The day planned for the flight, the schedule, departure and destination, the airline and when to make the reservation (not to mention the holiday period and other popular dates for travel in the year), all influence the price of the ticket.

So what do you do to make the puzzle sense? The natural instinct tells us when we are dealing with too much information: we listen to our instinct and choose what seems most logical. But we discovered that this is not so when it comes to deciding when to buy a plane ticket, good instinct can lead us to make the biggest mistake that can be made with your budget:

Book your flight too soon.

Surprised? It is so! The idea that making a reservation too soon can actually increase the cost, goes against conventional wisdom.

The mistake of air ticket booking too soon

The question is, when can making a reservation soon end up costing more? No traveler booking a ticket at the last minute knows how expensive it could be to do it with lack of time. There is no doubt that booking a flight too late can cause the price to double, even triple the price paid by a traveler who booked early.

But when it comes to the price of airline tickets, the cost of air ticket booking too soon can be almost as high as booking too late.

To get the best possible price for a ticket, there is an ideal point that the traveler wants to achieve. The ideal place to buy a flight is the time slot when the airline is motivated to sell seats as fast as possible, which gives you an advantage as a buyer. To make sure you are not buying your ticket too soon or too late, stay in the strip between three months and one month before the day of the flight.

Fighting against contradictory data


The best thing about travel data is that they are often compiled and shared on websites hoping to save money. The worst thing about flight data is that there are too many and they change continuously.

It makes sense to plan a trip in its entirety and then buy the tickets as always – that’s what many people do. But if you can do it by trying to have flexible dates and times, this will allow you to get the best possible price.


Start with your destination and a general calendar for each stage of the trip. Then buy taking into account what days of your calendar may cost less. Once you find the combination of flights that cost you less, go ahead and book your hotel and other things necessary for your trip.


In short, changing your travel routine and buying in the ideal booking time, can save you a lot of money on your next flight!