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About Us

About Ucarindia

We as an established head have garnered mouth appraisals for the role of dealing with all our clients very efficiently and effectively. Our Organization ‘UCARINDIA’ deals with providing the best tourism packages for all our clients. The world of tourism is not new these days. But what is making news is the way people are provided with the facilities and comfort all during their visit to the different places. Considering this in mind, we have started our own organization that deals with providing the most affordable tour packages for all our clients.


Ucarindia Team




An organization without a co-founder is like a ship without a sailor. Henceforth, every organisation’s backbone is its strong support, which nourishes the organization with every growing angle. Captain. Aftab Shams commercial pilot with masters in finance ,IT Services and real state a man of words has business experience of 24 years running chain of companies in Texas, New York, USA. His expertise in marketing, human resources, financial consultancy and American export worldwide has helped him to climb the success of ladder. He is a master in finance and had secured mega loans for various corporate segments. He along with the team of experienced professionals has started this project keeping in mind the active and passive requirements of Indivisual and the companies. He is also a member international broker association, New York, USA and a member of international project finance with IT ,Call center New York, USA.

Aviation/Finance Broker,Newyork,USA
Member international broker association. Newyork USA
International projects finance,New York,USA
Certified digital marketing consultant.